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Auto coil welding machine
  • Auto coil welding machine

Auto coil welding machine

Auto coil welding machine

Scope of application: Automatic welding machine mainly suitable for automatic welding of small elbow of copper tube on heat exchanger of air conditioner

Conveyor belt length, M

3.5 in front, 1.4 in the middle and 3.5 in the back, with a total of 8.4

Plane height of conveyor belt, 450 or 600mm

Air source

Combustion gas, pressure, MPa

Liquefied petroleum gas or natural gas, 0.09-0.15

Combustion supporting gas, pressure, MPa

Oxygen or compressed air, 0.4-1.0

Protective gas, pressure, MPa

Nitrogen, 0.4-1.0

Cooling gas, pressure, MPa

Compressed air, 0.4-1.0

cooling water

Water pressure, MPa

Zero point three

Flow rate, L / h

≥ 120

Belt speed, mm / min

600 ~ 6500, stepless speed regulation

Total power, kw

One point three

Two tools in common use

Height, mm

200~1300 、 200~1600 、 200~2500

Thickness (row)

1 ~ 6

Note: the specific technical parameters shall be implemented according to the order contract