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Air-conditioner fin die
  • Air-conditioner fin die

Air-conditioner fin die

JAK - one of best fin die supplier in the world

1 This kind of fin die is suitable for the home use air conditioning, central air conditioning, humidity reducing set and so on.

2 The fin dies can be used in different type and thickness of aluminum foil.(When use 0.09 aluminum foil,3/8 die can reach to 3.0mm high and 7mm die can reach to 2.2mm high.)
3 Using Swedish or Japanese steel,punch and die use ASP30 or HAP40.
4 Fin die manipulation is very convenient,excellent interchangeability of components.
5 Adopting Misumi standard components(including guide post,bushing,spring,screw etc)which made in Japan.
6 Stroke time reaches to 250-350 times per minute.