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C type fin press or H type fin press line?

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Author : Jack Wan
Update time : 2020-12-01 09:34:58
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C (open) type fin pess machine or H (close) type fin press machine?

When the tube heat exchanger manufacturer or air conditioner or other enterprises decide to produce heat exchanger, the first problem they may encounter is to choose the open type fin presses or the closed type fin presses.

The answer is very simple. What suits you is the best. Both C type fin press and H type fin press have been fully verified in the practical production process. The quality of the two types of fin press is very reliable. The only difference is that due to the limitation of press structure, the open type fin press machine is suitable for medium and small fin dies, while the closed type fin press machine is more suitable for large and medium-sized fin dies.
Take the most typical column. When we decide to put in a set of 3 / 8 " fin die, we will select the appropriate number of rows according to our production. The most conventional hole distance and row distance are 25.4mm * 22mm or 25mm * 21.65mm. When you need more than 15 rows of fin dies for your production, you must choose H type fin press, because C type fin press is not suitable for the wide fin die. If the throat depth of C type fin press is increased and the wider fin die is made, the service life of the fin press and fin die will be greatly affected.
Because the closed type fin press adopts the structure of four columns, there is no structural restriction of open type fin press. At present, the air-conditioning enterprises are developing towards large-scale fin press machine and fin die. The 7mm fin die has achieved 72 rows and 6 progression, and the 9.52mm fin die has achieved 48 rows and 6 progression, and is still developing towards a larger direction.
To sum up, the C type fin press line is suitable for the production of heat exchangers of small and medium-sized batches and varieties, and the replacement of fin die is also faster, which is suitable for one machine with multi-fin dies. The H type fin press line is suitable for mass production of heat exchanger, which is the first choice of household air conditioner and central air conditioner enterprises. From the price point of view, the open type fin press has a simple structure and higher cost performance, while the closed type fin press is relatively expensive. However, when the labor cost rises sharply and your output is very large, the H type fin press is absolutely your best choice.